We hear “there’s a whole world of wonderful breads”. True!

❗ But is it the whole truth?


We hear “bread has been part of human diet for 1000s years”. Also true.

❗ Except, then bread was baked from coarse, unrefined flours.


Our society evolved, so did bread. From “flat cakes” to the packed slices from 1930th. Modern times have brought us a multitude of new breads, hence selecting the most suitable bread is a difficult job.


📌 We share a few tips to help you navigate the various options 📌


✅ Go for bread with the lowest amount of sugar.


✅ Choose high in fibre bread (wholegrain, whole-wheat). Fibre is a non-digestible carb, it doesn’t raise blood sugar level.


✅ Opt for breads with a lower glycaemic index. These are digested slowly, helping you to feel energized throughout the day.

* 100% stone-ground whole-wheat & pumpernickel bread have the lowest GI(55)

** Whole wheat & rye bread are medium-glycaemic foods (GI 56-69)


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦The Happy Family Bakery offers a variety of healthier bread options.


❤️ PRO-BODY (Index) – a superpower slow carbs bread. Made from whole spelt and rye flour, it gives you option to control quality/quantity of carbs consumed.


❤️ SPELT Bread (Orkiszowy)

Spelt is a long-forgotten gem, brought to the vanguard of the pursuit of a healthier inside and prettier outside lifestyle. A hardier, more nutritious relative to modern wheat, spelt gives a unique flavour to bread. Try it, and you will never go back to refined flour breads!


❤️ Traditional RYE Bread (Żytni) – famous for its taste and aroma. When it comes to making a health-conscious choice, opting for rye bread may help your efforts to control weight within a specialist-designed diet.


❤️ MULTIGRAIN Bread (Razowy z Ziarnami)

If we have to name one all-embracing bread – it will be this classical, always in fashion, rolled in a mixture of healthy seeds, full of awesomeness bread.


❤️❤️ It is also important to remember that majority of our breads are made using traditional sourdough, they are generally a more flavourful, healthier option than regular bread.


Wishing you good health and all happiness, Family! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


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